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1 Hour (55 Minutes): $79

1.5 Hours (85 Minutes): $109

2 Hours (115 Minutes): $139

Massage Types

Deep Tissue - A targeted massage to address specific myofascial issues. Includes kinesio-taping if needed.

Sports - A rigorous and fast-paced massage with incorporated active release and proprioneuromuscular facilitation to release tense muscles and address myofascial issues that are sports-related.

Swedish - A full-body relaxing massage to increase circulatory and lymphatic benefits.

Pre/Post-Natal - Pre-natal offers a side-lying relaxing massage with extra pillows. Post-natal offers a more traditional massage to aid in depletion recovery.

Geriatric - A lighter massage approach to aid in circulatory benefits, help relieve neuropathy symptoms, and increase flexibility.

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